A Review of Abby Richards’ Blackened Cottage

“The human mind..the most powerful, exciting, terrifying thing in existence.” – Catherine Knox

When tragedy strikes, how do you cope?

Some people inhale pint after pint of ice cream.. Some people cry into pints of ice cream.. Some grow completely numb and frozen to the world, not even the sun can warm their face.. Some grow obsessive over perfecting their world, building walls so no intruder can taint the perfection.. And then some, whether by choice or not, build a whole new life as a different person..

How far would you go to regain that which has been stolen from you?

A dark and miserable place as your home, sunlight has a bitter struggle to even touch the land.. The one person who keeps you alive, the one soul you cherish more than life has been sent away.. Is there anything you wouldn’t do to be reunited with your beloved once more?

Do you trust your eyes to tell you the truth? How about your mind?

Things aren’t always what they seem, are they, love? Dr. Gregory House once said that the mind will play along with an illusion so long as it’s allowed. The mind is a complex, teasing little thing.. And that’s coming from me, one of the biggest con-artists you’ll ever meet. The mind can transform the simplest of things into a whirlpool. I should know.. How willing are you to take things as true at a glimpse? Have your eyes ever played tricks on you? Has your mind ever lied to you? Think hard, now..

 Blackened Cottage cover

Her only chance is to run…

Victorian England, 1875

When her mother leaves Blackened Cottage, Lisbeth grows increasingly terrified for herself and her little brother Eddie. Desperate, she befriends a disfigured girl, but when her father finds out he imprisons her in the cottage and invites his lecherous friend to court her.

Lisbeth discovers that her father has sent Eddie away and escapes to find him. Pursued by the two men, she embarks on a dangerous journey and captures the eye of a psychopath who seeks to possess her body, mind and soul.

As Lisbeth flees, she is shocked to discover how little she remembers about her life, and unprepared for the terrifying truths she must face.


This amazing novel voices the journey of Lisbeth Cutteridge as she’s snapped from familiar dreary days at Blackened Cottage to a hunt for her little brother and, more so, an escape from those who wish to captor her, all of her.

I truly cannot express how much I love A.E. Richards’ work without spoiling it all to Hades, and I do fear I’ll do just that if I’m allowed to continue for much longer..

I did notice one or two mistakes but, truth be told, if you’re going to pick at every single thread, you’re going to find yourself amongst others who cannot enjoy art without destroying it. For me, it did not deteriorate the story whatsoever, it did not pause me.. I only noticed because I found myself reading several scenes multiple times..in complete, stunned awe.

Richards has left me completely breathless, wanting, needing, craving more.. I do hope to see more from her soon! I love, desire, crave details, and such has she provided.. She’s masterful with weaving together the threads, she’s a brilliant storyteller, her descriptions are absolutely amazing, and not a single one of my questions was left unanswered.

Even the vilest of characters received love from me in some way; seriously, guys, Richards is that good!

A first-rate first novel from a high-quality storyteller, this is! It’s been a long time since I’ve loved a book this much.. Far too long! This definitely goes into my favourites alongside the Harry Potter series and Wuthering Heights!

This is a highly-suspenseful, absolutely breathtaking novel with remarkable characters and vivid descriptions. I honestly have to wonder if Richards somehow looked into my mind, viewed what I’ve been craving, and plotted. Mission accomplished!

There’re not enough stars held in the universe to rate this, but for those who desperately need a number, Blackened Cottage easily receives 5/5 stars on my end!

You should look for an interview with Abby Richards to be posted tomorrow and I’m hoping and praying that we’ll both find time to do one other little bitty thing I desperately desire.. And, no. I’ll not spoil what that might be.

For those of you considering reading/that are reading this beautiful book, just remember.. Things aren’t always what they seem!

Until next time!

Catherine Knox



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