A Review of Mistfall by Olivia Martinez

Mistfall cover

Mags has lived in hiding most of her life. One of the two last jinn of her kind, she’s being hunted by one of the Kings of Hades and the menacing Elf King for her power. When one disastrous date sends her on the run, Mags knows her life will never be the same. The only question is, will she survive it?

Mistfall centers primarily on Mags, a powerful jinn full of potential and sarcasm. Potential.. I definitely think that Olivia Martinez has potential as well, but with the multiple grammatical and punctuation errors (just to name a few of the reasons), I cannot rate Mistfall more than 2.5 stars.

The Characters

Just to go over a few..

Mags: I like her. While I did find her annoying at certain points, overall she’s pretty damn awesome. Her wit, sarcasm, and entire personality are hilarious!

Luca: I never trusted this fucker. Not once, not from the very beginning. He annoys me, he pisses me off.. Ugh! I just kept hoping he’d die.. The thing..attraction or a crush or whatever it was between Luca and Mags was a huge annoyance, as well.

Hailz: I absolutely LOVE her! I honestly cannot even speak to how grand of a character she is!

So there you are! These are just a few of the characters, though, but they’re the most memorable to me. Martinez’s solid knowledge of her characters, her strong grasp on who they are, that’s the strongest point, the thing that makes me think she has the potential to become great!

The Detail and the History

I thoroughly enjoyed the history given throughout the story, although it was a bit clumped together in places. As far as I can recall, none of my questions regarding the history were left unanswered…

The detail is decent. It’s not near as detailed as I like, but in certain places (especially near the end), that’s probably a good thing for a lot of people.

Lastly, the Ending

The ending was extremely bittersweet, but it was also very random, in a way. Not in content by any means, but the timing just seemed off to me.. It was rather choppy, but perhaps this is due to Mistfall being the first book in the series.

Overall, it was a fair read. I did find myself growing very bored about halfway through and so forth, so I flipped through several pages. Still, as I said, I can see Olivia Martinez getting better and becoming popular. :3 I wish her well and I look forward to seeing what she comes up with next!

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