Cate lives!
I’m not dead, folks, just not too active on here right now! My next review will be for the Novel Publicity Bluff tour, so look forward to that! I truly hope to post before then, more than once, but I’m at a loss for topics…
We’ll see!
I’m also working on my own writing (House M.D. fanfic in progress, among other works).
I think I’ll know all of my final grades before the end of the week, though I’m not sure… Roane State is quite slow about..everything.
Hm.. What else? Oh, yes, I do have a personal Facebook page if you wish to friend me! And, of course, my Twitter. I haven’t had much time to work on the Facebook page for the blog, but I hope to get back to it soon!
Well.. I think that’s it! I hope you all are doing well! If you need me/want to talk, I’m around. :3

Happy reading,


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