Don’t Fear the Reaper and Mistfall giveaways!

I’m hosting TWO giveaways, folks! That’s right, two chances to win!

I’m giving away three e-copies of Michelle Muto’s Don’t Fear the Reaper and three e-copies of Olivia Martinez’s Mistfall!

Q: Have you read Michelle’s book? Why haven’t you reviewed it?

A: Straight to the point.. Nice! I have read both of Michelle’s books, but it’s been a while since I’ve read either, and I don’t feel comfortable posting a review for something in this state. That’s not fair to her! There are several books that I have read that I don’t want to review yet because it’s been such a long time since I read them.

Q: I’ve seen your review for Mistfall. Why are you doing a giveaway for it?

A: Because! I have the power to. The main reason is because even if it’s not MY favourite book, it might be someone else’s! Perhaps they’d like to gift an e-copy to a friend, or perhaps have one for themself. Or perhaps one of the winners will be someone who wants to read it but doesn’t have the money to put forth! I think everyone deserves the chance to pass forth their own judgement on it, and a free e-copy is the perfect way to allow that!

Q: Are there any rules?

A: No pushing, shoving, biting, clawing.. Don’t hurt the other people! It’s all fair game here! Also. If you’re going to cuss and bitch at me because you didn’t win (that’s not even my fault..) or for any other reason, can you at least spell things correctly and use punctuation? Thanks! :3

Now, on with the show!

To enter to win Don’t Fear the Reaper, please go here! This is also available on the blog’s Facebook page!

To enter to win Mistfall, please go here! Unfortunately, Rafflecopter only allows me to post one giveaway at a time to my page, so this is the only option for this.

Good luck, everyone, and please let me know if you have any questions!


P.S. The giveaways will not begin until midnight tonight. Don’t fear, you’ve until the 23rd to enter both!


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