Mortal Abomination review

An underground internet reporter tells the story of a psychic condemned to prison when she fails to divulge her premonition concerning the assassination of our President of The United States. Set in the near future, Mortal Abomination, tells the story of psychic, Maria Torres, revealing her trials and tribulations as she struggles to convince our government of an impending doom. Is it lucid to persecute and incarcerate one for having a numinous ability to see the future? The story of Mortal Abomination is similar to the Salem Witch trials of 1692, as Maria Torres is persecuted and tortured because of her unique ability to foretell the future…

Mortal Abomination by Barbara Watkins

The first thing I should mention, for anyone who may not know, this is a short story. I enjoy reading them. I love seeing what someone can put together with such a narrow space.

Mortal Abomination is a short story that I enjoyed. It is, however, one that left my mind fairly quickly.
This is a story of a woman who, through her dreams, knows what is to come. She has predicted an attempt on the president’s life before, and therefore saved her life. When she has yet another premonition of such an act, this time the assassin being someone who should be trusted, scepticism begins to fly.

The synopsis drew me in immediately, but not without my casting a glance that, on Kindle, it’s only 17 pages. At least I had a fair level of expectation, right? So why can I only rate this as an average story?

First, it truly is predictable. Perhaps a lot of people think predictability is an issue with every short story, but that’s not true. With Mortal Abomination, though, the synopsis alone gives a fair idea of what will take place, although I will admit that, by the time I opened the book, I’d already forgotten the synopsis and therefore had no idea what was going to happen. Still, the ending wasn’t surprising in any way, nor has the story as a whole left an imprint on me.

With short stories, sometimes it’s hard, impossible, to really develop a character all the way. Sometimes you have to give the bare minimal, the only things that truly matter to the story in the long run. Still, even with the development present, I found myself unable to care too much what happened.

Overall, it is a very enjoyable story. At the time of my purchase, MA was available for free. It’s gone back up the 99 cents now. It’s definitely worth the short time it takes to read it as a free ebook, although I’m not sure that I’d tell people it’s worth the price now. While enjoyable, I can only give Mortal Abomination 3 and a half stars. Like I said before, it’s average.

If you have it and have not read it but plan to, or if you do download it, I’d love to hear what you think!

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