A Monster Calls review

It’s rather hard to find the words for this… This is such a powerful story, there’s nothing in this world that I can say to farther enhance it or make it come even more alive.

First, I suppose I should start by saying how much I love A Monster Calls. All of the lessons, each and every moral, hits home in some way, some more than others. Let me be perfectly clear: no, I have not lost anyone to cancer. A friend does have a small tumour, benign, but that’s not even close to being the same. I have, however, lost people, whether to death or time. We’ve all lost people in one way or another. People die every day, people move out of our lives just like we are but mere apartments. Letting go of anyone, in anyway, is something that that individual has to deal with on their own. My reason for saying this is due to some comments that no one would react to loss in the way Connor does. Excuse me, who the hell do you think you are? It’s quite impossible that you know how every single person reacts, so you don’t really know what you’re talking about, do you? I think these opinions might be influenced by Connor’s age, as he’s only nine years old. I was younger than that when I first lost a loved one to death, and I reacted in a very similar way. Almost on the dot, really. How you react, how I react, how the homeless man on the street corner will react, it’s personal. Or perhaps it’s not so personal, but it’s still a personal reaction. Connor is extremely brave, but that doesn’t mean others who react differently are cowards. We all have to deal with loss; we all have to deal with pain. How you choose to, that’s up to you, and I’ll not badger you for it. I ask for the same in return.

Enough about that. This book, this magnificent tale… I can’t find the words to sum up just how much I love it, how glad I am I stumbled upon it. The detail, the characters, the ideals… This is definitely going to linger with me for a very long time. The writing is simple. The type of simple that I love. Patrick Ness, you’ve done a marvellous job, and I salute you, sir. I think Siobhan Dowd would be very proud of this.

On a more personal note, I wonder if it’s too late… Is it ever too late? I don’t think it is… Many moons have come and gone, but perhaps my own monster will come walking soon.

I look forward to reading more from both Ness and Dowd, who’s idea for the book this was. She passed away before she could pen it, though. Yes, cancer.

I’d recommend this book to…anyone. Everyone. All who will listen, all who have a moment to spare, read this book.



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