The Elf Who Saved Christmas Review

This is yet another tale by Rebecca M. Senese (shush), although this one isn’t near as short as the others I’ve reviewed. It is, however, definitely up there with my favourites, second only to Writer’s Block.

In her typical, engaging style, Senese spins a tale of love, sacrifice, corruption, greed, and hope as one elf races against the clock to save the North Pole and, ultimately, the world.

Several morals rest in these pages, one of the most prominent being sacrifice. Whether it’s for a friend, an employer, a family member, or the good of the world as a whole, most people have at least one person they’d give everything for. Those who live at the North Pole are no different. Whether you’re an elf, reindeer, the man in red himself, or one of the people waiting up for the man to come down the chimney, you likely have someone in your life that you’d do anything to protect in every way.

This is, as I’m sure you can guess by the name and the setting, a story about Christmas, but I don’t think this should stop anyone from reading it…whenever they want. I began reading it on the tenth, finished it on the thirteenth (co-reading A Monster Calls, which I’ve almost finished).

Senese combines her knack for horror with an ultimately sweet tale, and she does it very well! I enjoyed this story a lot, one of the best things, to me, was Senese’s dedication to the horror. She built the suspense very well and, when it came time for sheer horror, it was unrelenting.

If you have read this story or you plan to, I hope you enjoyed/will enjoy it as much as I!

Until next time,



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