Guest Post by Rachel McClellan

As part of the Unleashed blog tour, here’s a guest post by Rachel Mclellan! She has a bit of advice for you lot…

Why You Should Go Skydiving

If you are having a hard time in your life, maybe worried about work, stressed about kids, a feeling that you don’t know who you are anymore, or simply just tired of the same routine, then I highly recommend you go sky diving.


Don’t freak out and immediately say “You’re insane!” Hear me out. My nonsense makes sense.

Here are some totally sane reasons why you should go:

It resets you. Jumping from a plane makes your heart pound, your pulse race, your breathing quicken until you think you can’t take it anymore. And then you land safely on the ground, feeling like you’ve been re-born.

It’s the ultimate confidence booster. Once you’ve accomplished this you’ll feel ready to take on any challenge.

Gets your mind off the stresses in your life. Leading up to the jump all you’ll be thinking about is jumping from a moving plane. You won’t be worrying about your raggedy, naggy boss, the bills you have to pay, your mouthy teen, the mounds of laundry and dishes, and on and on.

People will think twice about messing with you. Once others know you’ve gone sky diving, they will think twice about approaching you with anything negative because if you’re crazy enough to go sky diving, what else will you do?

Puts life into perspective. Flying at 18,000 feet in the air makes you see things in a different light. Whether it’s the thinner air or the fact that the earth is only a blur of browns and greens, prioritizing what’s important in your life becomes easy.

Lastly, I just want to say that there’s nothing like the threat of death to make you feel more alive. Go skydiving. I promise you won’t regret it.


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