Heather Dobbins’ Poetry Reading

Tuesday night, there was an on-campus poetry reading that I’d been debating going to for the past week. It was free, I want to attend more things like this this semester, and I honestly didn’t have anything that needed to be done that night, so why not? We were reviewing for the first Ethics exam (which happens to be today) when I decided that, yeah, I would go.

There were quite a few people there, including my former Intro to Poetry professor. We chatted for a bit before the reading began, and then we took our seats around 7:10.

Dobbins read several poems, half of them from the collection “In the Low Houses”. These focused more on family, love and passion, and loss. The rest were from her manuscript, “River Mouth”. These poems are much different, and I recall hearing one audience member mutter to her friend that, had she not known better, she’d have believed them to be written by a different poet entirely.

I, personally, was transfixed the entire way through. Her poetry alone can take you to another place, another time, another life, but actually hearing her read is mesmerising. I got the chance to speak with her after the reading, though I was unable to buy a copy of “In the Low Houses” at the time as I didn’t have any cash on me. As soon as I have a bit more money, I’m going to fix that. I spoke with my former professor once again, then I headed back to my dorm.

I’m so glad I went! It was so rewarding, and better than anything else I could have spent that hour doing.

To learn more about Heather Dobbins, her poems, and to listen to her read some of them, please go here.