The Art of Embalming and Family Business reviews

Is anyone getting the feeling that I’m a bit pushy with Rebecca Senese? Good, because I am.

I truly enjoy her work, and these next two aren’t exceptions.


The Art of Embalming by Rebecca M. Senese

Once more, Rebecca Senese does a phenomenal job with character-building and scene-setting. I really do love this short story!

The Art of Embalming is quite fast-paced, something that, if done right, certainly isn’t a bad thing. Folks, Senese does it right.

This is the story of a young opportunistic reporter who, at the beginning, is preparing to meet with a supposedly irritable sculptor. As the story progresses, the tension builds despite the predictable nature. It’s quite obvious that certain parts of the story were meant to hit us like falling bricks, but we’re still left to wonder if the energetic reporter will write another story or if she’s reached her final page. (No need to comment on the corniness.)

In the end, all questions are laid to rest.

As I said, this story is a joy. I give The Art of Embalming four stars!


Family Business

A father and son hunting trip ends with the realisation that, ready or not, you will eventually be asked to take the reins of your family’s business.

And yet again, I can only brag on Rebecca’s work. It’s true, however, that I’m rating this at three and a half stars, but it’s still a fun read and I was happy to find it included with my download of The Art of Embalming.

I didn’t come to care for the characters as much with this one, nor did I find the scene-building top-notch.. The plot itself is very enjoyable and I was, once again, very thrilled by the way Rebecca ended it.

A fun read overall, and it’s worth the time.


Happy Monday,